Outlook for the Year 2021 – Part 1

By Heinz Grill

Originally posted in German on 25th December 2020

The coming year will bring in an intensive way those processes of dissolution and destruction which are generally referred to in Sanskrit as pralaya1)Pralaya are the forces of dissolution. Prabhava are the forces of creation. They should not be seen as the end of the world and the creation of the world, but rather within the shifts of evolution, in their rising and falling phases.. The world will not perish in a total pralaya, as it is often drastically predicted, but it is only in human development that those dissolution processes of previous structural elements will take place. A short example can illustrate the current situation. The way it is inside the human temple can be compared to with this plane of external structural conditions that humanity has created. Although the external state systems, structures, public health systems, associations, cooperatives, large companies, banks still largely remain functional, their substance is ailing, and they will reveal an increasing decay. Who wants to keep company with these systems, whose qualitative substance has become so bad that they cannot be saved either by replacing people or through dialogue? The dissolution also takes place in the human values lived up until now, ​​and on a higher level avails itself of the economic, political, traditional and religious structures, which inevitably can only exist in the coming year through lies and one-sided exploitation of others.

While these processes of dissolution move through all of humanity, compensatory globalization and power structures develop, which furthermore undermine any value system of human existence and which appear unsuitable for a future human quality of life. In particular, the coming events present for human existence enormous difficulties in all relationships and the individual citizen loses the last remnants of an inner centre. Morality could be the centre of being human. This gives way to a growing extent to a process of dissolution that continually escalates into the most insane and incomprehensible scenarios. Instead of being grounded in true and rational thoughts, a frenzy of projections are released in order to cover up the lack of centre and lack of morality. Like never before, people, in an autistic impoverishment of relationship, can get excited through projections, which they throw onto others, and they denounce the last remnants of any good endeavours. The species homo projektivus autisticus wants to rule the public sphere.

However, those who do not allow themselves to be grasped by the phenomena of the times must learn to endure injustice, and they will discover themselves in a feeling of homelessness.

Compromise and withdrawal in a state of passive waiting cannot bring success in the future. Those who strive for higher values ​​and spirituality must base themselves spiritually in a homeless existence and from this learn to act in the world like free and unburdened citizens.

Many people will experience themselves crossing limits, like walking across a kind of threshold. The more people can base themselves spiritually in content that corresponds to a life task, that is not only charitable but actually meaningful and relevant, the more they will find a breath of life in their actions and grow. They will stand on the front and be protected, while all those, who depend on others, who take a back seat, without independently thinking and taking responsibility, will be much more vulnerable to the illnesses of the time.

The future will be accompanied by many illnesses. These will be exonerated by wrongly attributing them to corona. However, the true illness is the lies of our times, which absorb endless aspects of suggestion and projection and therefore lead to an astonishing number of further infections, with their resulting complications, and last but not least to mental illnesses, tumours and symptoms of dementia.

From a spiritual perspective, not necessarily an outward one, but a spiritual one, humanity will fall into two categories: all those who want to set free a creative force and are besieged by endless difficulties, and all those – that is the greater portion of humanity – who themselves are passively waiting or display apathetic behaviour and for a long time will not be in a position to achieve a creative, exemplary action in life.

However, those who draw power from all that is happening will remain protected for a long time, and those who denounce and accuse others and in reality hide their own spiritually miserable existence, can rejoice in sadism, and yet they become more and more ugly and an example of destructiveness in the world.

Some people will continue to lie, and they know full well that they are lying, and yet they remain trapped in the drive of their own sadistic and pathological behaviour. However, these lies, although they have an effect and darken, burden and deplete creation, will not develop any significant power. Nevertheless, the condition of the world has reached a bad state.

Great strides will not be able to emerge to their full extent, nevertheless this year decisive foundations for development will be laid for the future.

Failure in the future will be a certainty. Efforts that are, however, based on a clear and concrete spirituality and that are sustained can lead to first silent successes and later to projects that can be manifested.

This year will by no means bring a better time, as some esoterics are predicting. Retreats offering hope do not provide a solution and are bound to end in a feeling of diminishment in the soul.

Spiritually, the sphere appears as if withdrawn. As a result, a darkness and a block in the soul will continue and will suffocate people in the future in their activities as well as right into the physical body. Death by suffocation, mentally, spiritually and physically, will not be unusual.

The actual illnesses will only follow on from Corona.

There are unfortunately plans for armed conflicts and provocations, which will serve as a get out from the defects of the times.

A more concrete elaboration of what has been said here, with examples and content, will follow over the next days and weeks.


1 Pralaya are the forces of dissolution. Prabhava are the forces of creation. They should not be seen as the end of the world and the creation of the world, but rather within the shifts of evolution, in their rising and falling phases.

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