Recommended Literature


”The exoteric foundation of the teaching quite deliberately separates the scientific basis, which corresponds completely to the laws of contemporary culture, of pedagogy, of comprehensible desciption and visible forms of teaching, from the texts, insights and studies which come from another reality, and so have a mysterious, initiatory and intangible energy and effect.“


From ”The Approach and Aim of »Yoga out of the Purity of the Soul«


for practical study

Rudolf Steiner:

  • Metamorphosis of the Soul – Paths of Experience (2 volumes)
  • Knowledge of the higher worlds. How to achieve it?
  • Self-Transformation
  • and specialist themes as you wish

Heinz Grill:

  • Yoga and Christianity
  • Harmony in Breathing
  • The Spiritualising of the Body
  • The Soul Dimension of Yoga
  • others as you wish

Sri Aurobindo:

  • The Synthesis of Yoga
  • Letters on Yoga
  • and others as you wish

Also the Bhagavad Gita and the New Testament, probably other inspired works like those of Satya Sai Baba (Bhagavad Gita), Sivananda (Bliss Divine), Murdo MacDonald-Bayne (Divine Healing of Mind and Body).When choosing texts, the emphasis is placed very carefully on the immanent transcendence, on the inherent, pure dimension of “self” of the divine spirit. If this inherent power of the self were lacking, the works could not pass on to others the power that spiritualises and transforms the thinking, feeling and willing.

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