“Eating is giving. It is the highest activity. People approach the threshold of the spiritual world. Through the consciousness it is possible for people to experience the realm of infinity directly in eating, and to experience themselves as a part of the universe.”

Drawing and quote from »Nutrition and the Inner sense of Giving«

In order to breathe new life into a field of life like nutrition, we need to train and develop a deeper sense for the nature of our foods. We are in a position to recognise the spiritual dimension of life as a joyful encounter of the senses with life.

The subject of nutrition was described in detail in Heinz Grill’s book “Nutrition and the Inner Sense of Giving”.

Heinz Grill stresses in this work the relationship which the individual establishes to food. This plane of relationship can be expressed in an enormous range of sensuality, all the way to a deeply-sensed encounter with matter and the nature and form of food.

As physical beings we are by nature in need of nutrition and so we are “taking”. Through the creativity of our mind and a deep experience of the processes of nutrition, we are in a position to make eating itself a process in which we become inwardly “giving”.


  • “Nutrition and the inner sense of giving” Heinz Grill, 2007, Lammers-Koll-Verlag