The Training Path

The so-called middle-motive.
A sketch done by Rudolf Steiner for the painting of the small dome in the first Goetheanum.

The individual on the path of spiritual training learns in his/her creativity activity to find and hold the centre between the temptations of fleeing from the world (red figure, above right) and attaching to the world (black figure, below left). With the clear gesture of the arms he/she rejects both temptations.

The path of spiritual training developed by Heinz Grill since 1988 has become known by various names. Heinz Grill originally called it ”Yoga out of the Purity of the Soul“, and since about 1999 he also speaks of the ”New Will in Yoga“.In the sense of self-development, also described by Heinz Grill as ”Individuation“, people learn to be creatively active completely from their own I. They also learn to use their consciousness and so the soul-forces of the thinking, feeling and the will, free of fears and attachments, and thus they learn to shape and master life from within.From this newly attained freedom they begin to order their lives more and more according to the timeless ideals of karma-yoga (the yoga of selfless action), bhakti-yoga (the yoga of reverential devotion to life) and jnana-yoga(the yoga of knowledge and discernment). As a result they experience how they can introduce a transforming, giving quality for others into life.The path of this yoga leads therefore not away from life in the sense of a kind of self-redemption, but deeper and deeper into life through fulfilment of the individual life-purpose, as a gift of the innermost wish of the self.

Some essential basic thoughts of the spiritual training path are described briefly in the following pages:

The principle of the training, the prerequisites and the requirements of the spiritual path of training are described in detail in ”The Approach and Aim of Yoga out of the Purity of the Soul“. You can also download this here as a PDF.