Stages for Developing Order

and self-determination on the path of spiritual individuation

To study the texts of Anthroposophy, of Integral Yoga or of »Yoga out of the Purity of the Soul«, in the sense intended by the author, needs time and a discerning consciousness. A path of training should not be driven ahead too fast for the self-awareness to grow to the necessary stage of maturity and detachment.

1st. stage

Those interested work at the texts mentioned. They do not yet understand the content, but consider the texts valuable and respect them as the truth of the spirit. Study is only a beginning, the reading of the texts imprecise, the recommended meditations, concentration and physical exercises are practised occasionally. Life remains as it is. Those interested follow spontaneous decisions to attend a lecture, or participate in a seminar or a meditation now and then. An objective is not yet clearly defined.

2nd. stage

Those interested work more thoroughly with the texts and often practise exercises. Their life-circumstances remain nevertheless the same and there is no change in profession. However a clear objective of spirituality exists, whose direction and form is to strive for a synthesis with the spirit of Christ. This spirit, which radiates on to the thinking, feeling and willing, through the texts and the personal dedication, is the goal to be reached. Still there exists the need for pauses and interruptions in the sadhana. Those interested, however, would like at sometime in their lives to reach the ideal of love and holiness in the synthesis of the receiving spirit. An understanding of the texts and a deeper ability to discern gradually develops. However, many questions still remain open.

3rd. stage

Those interested notice that they no longer makes progress through studying texts or doing exercises, and decide on an additional, more intense task, which they fulfil in lengthy and responsible activities. They work for an expertise in a particular area and try to realise the imaginations within the given thoughts. Life must still not necessarily be changed professionally, however the seekers try to thoughtfully implement their words and actions and learn to express the imaginations in their lives. The goal is to spiritually permeate an area of life with the truths of the imaginations. If the development of this 3rd. stage and the sacrifice connected with it is lacking, the 4th stage cannot realistically be carried out.

4th. stage

Here the Yoga of Synthesis begins, in which a living spirituality is directly put into action through spiritual, creative research, connected with the sources. Many of life’s circumstances must be precisely determined, and a right asceticism, which eliminates all destructive and impeding barriers, must be included in the sadhana. The consciousness must strive against many habitual moods and fears for a clear thought-content. Those who have reached this stage must learn to move on a higher, energetic level of awareness, through the strength of their own decisions.