Education and Relationship

The triangle mirrors one of the imaginative laws of education that Heinz Grill has often described in his work. Pupils and teachers meet not on a horizontal plane, but converge on a higher plane through their joint interest in a theme. What is described here for teacher and student is just as valid for partnership and all forms of human relationship.

“One of the greatest dangers nowadays is that we constantly search for new teaching methods and for better psychological approaches in school-teaching and in children’s education and thereby disregard our own personality. True education flows out from a personality and an authority. The personality is the result of maturity and knowledge, and this knowledge is in turn a result of purity and sincerity and the firm steadiness of our character. This steadiness of character certifies more than all methods put together, for this steadiness has the effect of a role model to which the children and young people give respect and deference.”

From “Education and Self-Education” by Heinz Grill
(Available in German only: Erziehung und Selbsterziehung)

Through Heinz Grill’s work the themes of education and relationship gain a character which focuses on adults in their capacity for self-education. Only adults who are themselves oriented to an ideal will be in a position to demonstrate a “positive authority” for young people, to which the latter can turn with respect. So those who work in the field of education nowadays have the great task of themselves developing those capacities, which would make them true teachers. What counts above all for this is an awareness of the high spiritual forces (angelic beings), who work on the development of the child. For educators what seems essential is to develop a sense for this angelic activity, so that in their own actions and words they can give the child practical guidance and assistance, which leads him or her better into life, but on the other hand does not disturb these forces unnecessarily. To develop discernment about when educators intervene and give the child the necessary guidance and when they leave the activity of the spiritual forces as free as possible without influence from outside, can be stimulated principally through various soul-exercises, which are indicated in the book “Education and Self-Education”.