Cultural Impulse

“The I is the centre of freedom … This freedom of an I has not always been the case in our history. Only in recent years has the need grown stronger that people must gradually come to an individual position in relation to all external matters, all masters, all teachings and teachers, all churches and also all communities.”

From »Initiatory Training in Arco: The central position of the heart and a standpoint in life« (Available in German only: “Initiatorische Schulung in Arco: Die Herzmittelstellung und der Standpunkt im Leben”)


A modern path of spiritual training does not only inspire practitioners to refine and cultivate their own inner life, but also leads them out into a holistic shaping of the external world and to transforming individual areas of life.Without such transformation, a training would become partial, and a true synthesis between spirit and world could not occur. Heinz Grill’s work of spiritual research has extended in recent years to a number of fields of life. On the following pages we would like to introduce some of the statements he has made about various areas of culture and bring the literature connected with this to your attention.

The imaginations (inspired thoughts) worked out by Heinz Grill in these different fields of life enable a somewhat surprising access to the area in question and illuminate the laws of life which lie behind the phenomena.