Outlook for the Year 2021 – Part 2

By Heinz Grill

Originally posted in German on 27th December 2020

How does one arrive at a spiritual vision for the future?

The reader may wonder how a prophecy for the future can be developed. Are there people who have a special ability, a charisma, to predict the future? Or does a person almost spontaneously, suddenly develop the ability to perceive spiritual realities, so that they can predict future events with this almost randomly appearing power of intuition? Another alternative would be to read and skilfully interpret the stars. In any case, there are various methodological approaches or charismas that can bring about a prophecy for the future.

The view presented here arises from several different approaches. One of the basic principles is to orient oneself to the spiritual hierarchies, to the angelic worlds, which directly influence the creative powers of humanity. This discipline is certainly a very demanding one, because those who practice this kind of spiritual seeing must completely free themselves from the so-called physical worlds and all their associated emotional moods and learn to feel and perceive the finer effects of forces, the metaphysical dimensions. Many people today say in the broad esoteric market that they work with the angels and are guided by them. The errors in this area are great, however, because if you ask individuals in this esoteric field what the angel looks like, in which directions he is working with thoughts and transforming them into real feelings, they cannot provide any explanation. Unfortunately, many modern esoteric discourses relating to angels are like a child talking about a fairy tale world with fanciful stories.

For a real assessment of the future, practitioners need to pursue reality with total sincerity and have to carry out research using different perception processes that are at their disposal. Every action and activity, for example, that the human consciousness brings about or that the bodily tools perform, is based on an overarching idea. This is worked out to varying degrees via the spiritual hierarchies, via the angels, and finally brought into the activity of human existence. For those who want to attain a vision of a future prognosis, the question arises as to what forces are behind human actionism, what their purpose is, what their goals are and how they appear in the world, both in their contradictory forms, in other words in negative excesses, as well as occasionally in more successful and beautiful forms. The world is the visible place where the invisible processes of development manifest. Often the spiritual effects appear in extremely contradictory mirror images. For example, people say yes to certain conditions of existence and even call for these conditions to be universally valid and obligatory for people, while deep down they carry a no-word in their soul. When Angela Merkel says, for example, that the virus will soon be defeated and that better times can be seen ahead, she also knows deep down that these times will not come.

Another way of attaining truthful explanations about human existence is to observe the widest variety of human phenomena as authentically and thoroughly as possible, until these speak out with their metaphysical content and their inner meaning. A certain seeing of the so-called aura, the working forces that radiate around the human countenance and around the body, develops through this concentrated discipline. First of all, the practitioner observes a person or a group of people, permeates his observation with various questions and finally experiences how that which is external always carries an invisible, deeper, causal image within itself. Practitioners experience those they observe not only physically, but also experience their aura, or in other words, their astral, etheric and finer play of forces. Thoughts and deeper feelings always live behind the outer physical appearance. The art is not only to see the aura, but to correctly interpret it in connection with the various influences of the time and the surroundings.

A relatively modern way of forecasting the future is to read the stars or cosmological conditions. The year 2021 is predicted by some as being very hopeful, as there is a constellation of stars that at a first glance seems very favourable. The problem with astrology, however, lies in the fact that the relationships between the freely available and potential human will, and the determining forces from the stars must be very well grasped and weighed up against each other. A favourable horoscope prediction can come true or it can also demonstrate its direct opposite. The human will in its freedom can be rated as more important than pre-set planetary constellations with quadratures, tricons, conjunctions and other important aspects. In addition, the interpretation of a horoscope becomes very difficult, since one must not only take into account the individually coordinated constellation, but also take into account the circumstances of the whole of humanity. A single individual influences the collective, just as, conversely, the collective determines the individual. Therefore, the interpretation of a star constellation not only requires reference to textbooks, but also a careful study of the anthropological conditions and, moreover, an ability to gain insight into the spiritual worlds. Only when the understanding of a certain quadrature or conjunction that stands in the planetary sky has penetrated into its metaphysical dimension, that is, into its astral or essential reality, can the future be presented with sufficient wisdom. Nevertheless, the conditions of the human will are still unfathomable. The difficulty of this discipline is shown by the many different horoscopes, which repeatedly open up new and promising visions, and when one then tracks reality, the materialistic discourses take their fatal and inevitable course. The prophecies always require a deeper spiritual empathy for human potential and its connection to the cosmos.

Everyone should form their visions for the future to the best of their ability. The Christmas nights and raw days are not only a time in which individuals acquire good aims, but in which they even strive for an initial spiritual seeing and develop the perceptual processes right into their depth, for themselves and for the future. With this discipline they would be able to activate their will to manage the next year more successfully, both for themselves and for humanity. The development of a concrete spiritual seeing would be a real service of love to the earthly world and would care for the souls of the dead. It would be the best way to counter the time machine of materialism.

The currently visible beast form

Therefore before a more detailed analysis is presented for the future we can expect, some independent research should begin. It is almost impossible not to see that with past events a major blockade stands over humanity. When one develops an ability to see this metaphysically and clothes what one has experienced in pictures, this blockade literally stands above humanity like a dark figure, like the form of a beast wrapped in tentacles. But this image is metaphysical and not physical, and once one gets a faint idea of ​​this image,  then the further research can follow to interpret the meaning of this figure.

The next, third article will describe how recognising these spiritual signs can reveal success and failure.

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