The Artists’ Days 2020/21 Worldwide

Seen from a spiritual perspective, people represent not what they consume, what they take on by way of opinions, but rather, what they are in their soul and in their lasting nature depends much more on how they enrich all actions and life projects with content. Their real identity and their strength in the soul is therefore at first glance not immediately visible.

If individual people were actually only as they appear according to their external stature, as they are valued according to acquired titles, or as they seem to be favoured by society and their heredity, they would have no innermost lasting actuality. In any case, after death all titles and all earthly goods leave the human soul and people meet with the soul-spiritual identity that they really are. They can ultimately become rich if they have succeeded in bringing noble thoughts, and feelings rich in content, into their activities because these will remain with them and represent their inner joyful soul-light. On the other hand, they can become impoverished and meet their post-death existence in forlorn solitude if they have not succeeded in developing true and meaningful thoughts and making these available to the world. Through passivity and superficial societal privilege people cannot develop a rich soul life for the future and for the life after death.

Claude Monet’s picture represents not only nature or a winter landscape, but also depicts a particular atmosphere of light within the surroundings.

The artists’ days are intended to stimulate an awareness for the future and to inspire the observation that the artist is only an artist if they can put content into their activity or work that contributes to the beautiful or living enrichment of the world. If the artist paints a tree or creates a building, they can have the intention of a real ennoblement in their work through their lively soul activity. The tree then not only expresses an identical image of nature, but it appears in a certain light that beautifies it or it gains the grace of a really shining life revelation. The artist adds a thought of content to his actions, like a cook adding spices to food and thereby alchemistically elevating the raw ingredients to an ennobled product. Architects can use their ingenious fantasy, with which they assess the three-dimensional proportions and conceive the alternating rhythmic forms, to enliven the senses and even to warm them with harmony, with an etheric atmosphere. They add ideas of aesthetics and ideals like, for example, a cosmic dimension, with a universal effect, to the building so that it not only reveals an earthly functionality, but also obtains a cosmic expression within the earthly sphere. People can have an uplifting effect through their actions and they will always be more than a reproducer.

The individual does not become blessed through eurythmy or a yoga exercise, but the strength of consciousness that they put into their presentation will remain with them as a force in their soul.

For the future every person can, or even must, to a certain extent become an artist, who’s effect reaches into life with spiritual clarity, with that clarity which, from universal, true content, enriches life anew. If a person cannot add content to their actions or deeds, that is spiritual and uplifting, then generally accepted opinion speaks through them and in this passivity they will ultimately experience no self of their own in their thinking and feeling. They are guided by the suggestions of others and remain, as it were, asleep in their soul. They waste their time on earth and its possibilities and become part of a society that is defined by non-being or, in other words, by a meaningless and mechanical existence. The artist wants to bring the birth of the soul and spirit into life.

The artists’ days should be a stimulus for many and independent of a specific location. They should stimulate the creative potential of people with a creative, but nevertheless universally valid fantasy for the days around Christmas. Anyone who would like to take part and inspire their friends, clients or other interested parties is welcome to contact me. Short video conferences may be possible over these days.

Generally speaking, Italy is the land of the arts. However, getting to Italy is not that easy and therefore personal contact is restricted and seems possible only for a few. The idea that every single person further develops the thought until it becomes an artistic gift, and overcomes polemic forms and polarizing tensions, can, however, ignite flames of etheric forces, regardless of place or of any religious affiliation.

Communication with artistic content that is sustainable for the future can be seen as a positive kind of demonstration, in which one does not fight against social injustices, but conversely, in which the spiritual potential of the person is stimulated, and finally in a more silent form a force of the soul is translated into action, which in the long term can partially bring about that awaited transformation of the long since redundant materialistic era. In any case, real changes cannot come about by waging a battle against the negative, but only by treading the path of creative and content-rich artistry in the best sense, and thus enlivening the world with the spirit.

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