Outlook for 2023 – Part 1

30 December 2022 by Heinz Grill

How can a vision and a prediction for the future be reached?

It is possible for everyone today to look up quotations from Nostradamus, probably the best-known seer for future impulses. Nostradamus brought spiritual visions, which were, however, passed on to mankind in coded form.

How can a vision of the future economic system be achieved? Seers who looked more at the spirit in evolution have not referred to the economy much. It seems to be a material field of research.

One of the possibilities is therefore to carefully study the indications of Ernst Wolff and various economic experts, which are actually developed from an analysis of the system, and thus acquire an idea of how events, difficulties and possible collapses could take place in the future. Analysis by economic experts is based on actual research and ends in conclusions drawn from it. It is not yet typical of spiritual vision.

In general, it can be difficult when someone with vision puts forward statements which prophesy the future, but does not sufficiently substantiate them. The relative value of these statements appears very clear. If people, for example, follow these statements they very easily fall into that rather unhelpful ambition to protect themselves from danger and thereby save themselves, purely in external life, without looking at a whole. Forecasts of the future, such as those of Irlmeier, the Bavarian seer, can be correct to a certain extent, but they always run the risk of getting completely mixed up in the events of the time and, since they do not contain a coherent logic, a logic that can be united with the developmental thought of humanity, they can bind individuals more deeply to their ego and to their instinct of saving themselves. These statements often lack a vision for the real future. Precisely because of the statements that are placed sweepingly before humanity, the fear of negative fate rises exponentially, and the individual does not yet know how to deal with the actual phenomena of the time. There is a lack of productive orientation within the polarities that are piling up. Strangely enough, negative prophecies have a very attractive character and are widely read.

A spiritual perspective wants to sufficiently comprehend the phenomena of the time, to interpret them, and at the same time to find ways that lead to the most favourable reaction possible for the coming year. Correct judgements, which are based on a spiritual foundation, never create fear, but enable growing steps towards initiatives for action, and they ultimately give a clear perception of both the negative events to be expected and the more favourable development processes.

Developing a vision for the year 2023

Who can foresee the future? People who train themselves to gain a view of the after-world, not from a quick near-death experience, as happens through suddenly exiting the body, but by working through the processes that lead to a growing appreciation of those souls who have already departed from the earth, notice extraordinary processes. However, these body-free souls cannot predict the future either. In order to see the future, people themselves, within all the inconsistencies of occurrences, dependencies, confused positions and wide-ranging doubts, must study both the phenomena of the earthly world, as well as the world after death and finally even the spiritual world beyond it, with its laws. Just as by studying history considerable learning steps can be achieved as to when and where wars were fought, so with a careful and practised perception of the spiritual and soul world after death relatively good prognoses can be made for the future reality. However, the prognoses cannot always be exactly defined, as they are subject to the fluctuations of human influences. For example, from the moment when the foundations of the will in a certain nation are raised to a positive and morally high standing level, serious adversities such as wars can be prevented and, on the other hand, the many omissions, especially those that take place in the spiritual field, are very likely to cause conflicts and violence to arise in the world. A vision of the future, however, can be created with a high degree of certainty, through the interaction between a humanity that carries a certain will structure within itself and the souls that dwell in the worlds after death. These visions then do not carry a materialistic character; they are not to be understood as exclusive standards in the form of polarised judgements of good and evil, and they gain the possibility that with the work on the vision for the future, people actually raise themselves up to an ideal, help to shape the future and prevent adversities.

But a real vision that invokes more the shaping of the future is less attractive than an evil proclamation of terror. Study and exploration are necessary for a real vision, not only for the one who creates it, but also for the one who reads it.

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