The Sun Project and its Future

Published in German on 5th December 2022

A work initiative, a project or a joint collaboration for a future idea that has not previously existed, yet contains a realistic possibility for completely new artistic and creative forms with a sun-like character, is viable through the people who are interested in it and who work there. The foundation for any success, be it of a spiritual or of a social and pedagogical kind, arises through the particular individualities and their ability to work together.

A review of the last year and a half of work at the Sun Oasis reveals some great spiritual and aesthetic successes. Many people were healed from chronic illnesses of many years, and not only in such a way that some were able to shed excess weight, but that real perspectives for new possibilities of relationship and cultural engagement arose. In the study programme, on most days a very constructive, rhythmic collaboration could develop.

At present the Sun Oasis is closed and talks are taking place regarding the allocation of the various tasks that lie ahead. It is important that every individual develops a view out of an entirety to the detail. Just as the sun illuminates the detail in the earth and does not shine only for one part of the earth or one nation, equally the Sun Oasis and the people interested and active there have to recognise the tasks both on site out of an entirety, as well as in the radiation towards the world. Purely evading life, escaping from sociality and entry into a project, is in every way counterproductive and contradicts the basic tenets of soul and spiritual development. The perspective of every individual should therefore contain the entirety and the possibilities that arise for the individual position.

If I may speak personally, then I believe that I have a very good assessment of the spiritual and social needs of the moment and of the times. I personally maintain – in spite of many critics who are of another opinion – that I see what the spiritual world demands and requires from humankind. The Sun Oasis here in Naone can radiate considerable spiritual forces for the cosmos and at the same time for the world, for the health of many people and for hopes for the future. Presently we are looking to involve more people to collaborate in shaping the project. They should however not escape into a project as an easy option, thus turning their backs on life, but they should recognise the idea, as it is laid down in the entirety, and be prepared for new and bold tasks with limit-surpassing and conscious commitment throughout.

There are people who reside fully in Italy and have equipped themselves with new living quarters in order to be able to fulfil their tasks without the cost of travel and other accessories. Then there are people who have decided to spend half of their time working in the Sun Oasis, while spending the rest of their time also developing the thoughts further and implementing them in societal life at home and in their environment. Finally there are a relatively large number of study participants who are present at seminars for perhaps one fifth of their time, and then at home continue to lead the thoughts they have learnt into a further practical result. The sun is therefore not fixed to one place, it is in circulation and yet it has a clear centre with individual content and responsibility in the middle.

Geometric shapes in balanced proportion.
Drawing: Hans-Jörg Bögle

Anyone interested in collaborating, or in further studies with collaboration in part, should get in touch, if possible this year, so that the plans for the future can be made. Consideration is being given as to whether a more definitive guidance should be given in future in this Sun Oasis, or whether it happens as before from the natural collaboration of the various people interested and the participants. Applications to collaborate should be directed to the organisation.

Artists’ days

The artists’ days, together with study visits, will take place again this year from 16th December until 1st January. Above all, these days should facilitate a perspective for the coming year. Participation should be for at least 2-3 days.

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