The year of self-destruction – vināśa Outlook for 2023 – Part 2

by Heinz Grill

Published in German on 31st December 2022

A brief, general review

This year that stands before us will reveal a great polarity between a growing and fixing self-destruction, and a potential, sensitive and very embryonic, delicate self-empowerment. Hostile motives and actions will be vigorously encouraged and will cause real destruction in those most possessed by these emotions. In Sanskrit the word for destruction is vināśa. It will be a year of very extensive external and self-destruction. ātma-vināśa means self-destruction, and it appears both through illness and through agreeing to destructive behaviour. What is striking, however, is the polarity between those who actually create a first self-flowering and those who, through aggression, weaken themselves and in part destroy themselves.

One of the greatest burdens that will be felt externally concerns the health of the individual. The course of infections that are becoming more and more severe, the psychological impairments and finally symptoms of dementia and, above all, cancer will seriously afflict individuals, and even this aspect alone will paralyse the entire prospects of humanity. Cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal susceptibilities have arisen through vaccinations and will continue to progress. Proneness towards accidents is also increasing due to the stresses on the entire human being.

The Great Reset has many ideas that are not entirely unreasonable from a purely material point of view. However, this Great Reset completely excludes the spirit. The artificial intelligence that is supposed to save human beings will fail, and in general the Great Reset in this coming year will only make people throw up their hands in horror. The spiritual hierarchies turn away from those who take up these spiritless ideas of the Great Reset, and therefore this path leads to self-destruction, to ātma-vināśa.

What will the economic system bring? War and inflation belong together; both will reach great proportions and there will be destruction. Many people will call for war out of desperation and constriction, and it cannot be ruled out that there will be major blows. Nevertheless, there is a sign that the phases will be bridged and compensated to keep the economy intact.

Groups will fail to an increasing extent, while individuals who train themselves to attain deep-reaching insights will rise to greatly flourish. Germany is characterised by violence, a characteristic that is actually visible in the so-called astral realm and adopts a destructive form, while Italy has to bear a heavy health burden.

All projects that are established now will have to endure difficulties, and the vast majority will fail.

On spiritual paths, very large polarities will be visible. On the one hand, illusions of complete escape from the world are reflected, and on the other hand a struggle for truth and an ability for independent spiritual judgement. However, escape into religious communities will remain very widespread.

The Sun Oasis Academy building in Naone

With regard to the spirituality of the Sun Oasis, a great polarity also appears. There will be people who will criticise it most heavily and only wish it all thinkable harm, and there will be some people who will bring about very favourable, constructive work and thus make a significant contribution to peace in the world.

The coming year will also be a year of surprises. Some people will rise up from dark, ugly underworlds and will work for what is rational to a significant extent, bringing justice and clarification.

More detailed elaborations and explanations will follow in the next few days, with separate individual chapters.

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