Outlook for 2023 – Part 7

Published in German on 4th January 2023

By Heinz Grill

Wasting the right moment – Kairós

This painting by Francesco Salviati (1545) shows the god Kairos with scales in his hands, a tuft of hair in front, a bald head behind and wings on his feet – illustrating the fact that he can no longer be seized from behind.
Photo license: Creative Commons

Etymologically, the word Kairós (καιρός), the “right moment”, comes from the root Kär (κήρ) and in the first instance it describes the point at which an archer releases the arrow. What is meant, however, is that in the afterworldthere are certain decisive opportunities which beg for an about-turn, an opening, a major improvement, a healing, or a transformation of conditions.

Imagine looking through the window and seeing a badly wounded person lying on the street in dire need of care. Others pass close by, but unfortunately they never cast their eyes at the wounded individual. They are distracted by sensational events happening in exactly the opposite direction. Now the person who sees the suffering individual through the window wants to help, but discovers that he can neither make a phone call nor carry out any other action. His doors to the outside are locked and his hands feel as if paralysed by anaesthetic. Even the voice needed to scream for help is absent due to paralysis. In this imprisoned situation, the onlooker fears for the injured person and hopes that at last those who are looking in the opposite direction, towards the sensations of the day, will happen to turn their attention and be able to help the sufferer.

The soul that has arrived in the afterlife cannot approach people and help them with the usual means that exist on earth. For this reason, today many of those who have departed experience the omissions of earthly life. They cannot intervene in current affairs; they experience a state of hopelessness. At the same time they experience time as endlessly difficult and impenetrable.

According to Kairology, the Kairos is like a portal to an original time and sense of purpose. Spirituality has largely neglected these questions of purpose in the past. For this reason, it has become extremely difficult today for people to gain real insight into the hidden processes that prevail behind current events. Knowledge of the connections is hardly possible.

In Greek mythology, Kairos is a son of Zeus and thus he is a god who lives in the events of time. He symbolises the right moment. In the picture he has a tuft of hair and depicts the opportune moment to seize the day. He holds a set of scales in his hand, as he wants to lead towards a new equilibrium, and at the same time a sharp knife to sever the attachments that make his initiative impossible.

For example, time is wasted and the kairos is not seen when people repeatedly engage in rebellions, resistance, demonstrations and all sorts of political activism. They do not see what evolution and the spiritual world really need and get lost in outer things; they waste time and neglect the kairos.

An example from the spirituality in Naone

My person and an encounter with it always presents a challenge for participants. According to the descriptions of attentive colleagues and people interested, even after a relatively short time the juncture becomes apparent between the possibility of practically implementing a next development for a higher goal and conceived idea, or of falling back even more strongly into the inherent attachments that bind life. Individual participants almost always feel a resistance to my words, which, however, they overcome with a little attention and logic in their thinking. In this way they overcome the situation of attachment, because it is nothing other than the attachments that resist spirituality. Certainly some individuals interpret this arising phenomenon of inherent attachment as a true bodily feeling. It is true that this feeling of resistance exists. It is virodha, one’s own force of opposition that lives within and opposes the spiritual. So for example, one participant, who reported experiences of Christ, said that she had come into serious conflict with my explanations and no longer knew what was right and what was wrong. Immediately after the meeting, she used the family constellation method and thought she could see that her personal circumstances were exactly right, her experiences with the attachments and with Christ were correct, and my person appeared in the constellation as an enemy, an adversary and as the Antichrist. I replied to the woman, after receiving a nasty letter from her, that constellation work only reproduces the inherent feelings. Then the opposition to the attachments, which has to show itself in the sense of kairos, with possible further ideas and the strengthening of thoughts, is rejected. In any case, the Christ experience that this woman purported was confused with pure attachments, and in this sense she had to reject the possibility of correcting these attachments and no longer allowing them to become a dependency. She wasted the opportunity, the Kairos.

In the spirituality of this school a very great power radiates out, which, however, is carried by only very few people. Most of the people trained here have neglected the opportunities for further and significant development. One of these people, who once attended a few seminars, is a woman who stormed the Reichstag believing she could make the world a better place. She had thrown away everything she had learned, and succumbed to pure delusions. Many others even joined the “citizens of the Reich” and believed that in doing so they could save the world and Germany. Not only did they waste the kairos, they wasted the essential moments of their lives, and today contribute to the fact that polarisation and even warmongering continue to happen. Sadly in at least two thirds of cases the teaching carried out by me has been carried away into violent and really anti-moral dimensions, and the people do not radiate out good but vināśa, destruction.

The whole of humanity is reaching a threshold

Through the events of the past few years, an infinite number of people are reaching a threshold that would open up meaningful opportunities for them if they encountered this threshold with clear awareness, knowledge, and calm. The opportunity to commit oneself to morality, and to fight against attachments that rise up within, will exist for many individuals, especially in Germany. But a withdrawal into attachments promotes war and violent disruption.

It is wrongly said that the politicians are to blame for the misery of all the events of the times. From a spiritual perspective, however, it is the people with their attachments and egoism that create bad politics and indirectly determine the entire decision-making process. Anyone with a healthy conscience would reject the aspiration for war, and yet there is an unbelievable potential for aggression in humanity which, out of a kind of hopelessness and lack of knowledge, longs for war.

Rudolf Steiner once said that war is not something that is caused by certain political and economic circumstances, but that precisely those people who prevent war, and they would not even have to be many, are missing. Crucial to this event is whether the threshold, which will inevitably come into effect quickly and is already coming into effect, will be crossed by a few hundred people free from attachments, with sacrifice and wisdom, or whether these people will obey their own security reserves and the fixing emotions of the body.

The Soul of Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s
Photo: Thomas Butson, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

The soul, so elusive for the Western mind, which passed into the cosmic realms in August of the year that has passed, lived for peace and the independence of the most diverse countries. As a Russian citizen, he was very connected to his homeland, Russia. He nevertheless criticised it and created many guidelines for reform. In the last years of his life he felt disenchanted with Western NATO policy. In general, democracy was no longer something he necessarily wanted to strive for, rather he even adopted Leninism again, but noted that Leninism had probably never existed in its good form. Today, with his soul from the realm beyond death, he is a kind of conscience for NATO which, if it wants to advance any further, actually gets a feeling of doing wrong. It is precisely in the influence of this soul of Gorbachev that America feels that it is doing something wrong and not only America, but many countries are noticing the injustice of the intrusive Western interventions. America cannot win with its politics enduringly, because it stands very strongly in the eyes of this soul.

A great knowledge of the value of political independence accompanied this man. It can even be said that today this soul demonstrates the beauty of independence. If one could let the soul speak from the hereafter today, it would say to the individual nations, the politicians, the spokesmen of the people, the ministers, the writers and leading educators, something analogous to the words: “Do not worry about the ills in other nations and do not constantly meddle in the affairs of others, but clean up your own country, your own circles, your own family, and your own mess. There is no world-power amongst nations or individual rulers. Be introspective in the sense of order and wisdom, but do not turn away from the world.”

The soul of Götz Werner

Götz Werner
drawn by Yva Ev

In February last year, the business founder and successful economist Götz Werner passed away. Today, his soul radiates life-force to his fellow human beings; his dm markt companies were a role model for healthy teamwork and a healthy working atmosphere. Life-force lives in these operations and so today, from the afterlife, Götz Werner can radiate life-forces to his fellow human beings. Nevertheless, his soul searches for spirituality, because although he had an anthroposophical orientation, he lacked the spark of transformation. He was able to develop a very good earthly situation, but he was not yet able to establish in the world the power of transformation that economic activity also needs. If you were to let the soul speak today, it would say something corresponding to: “Stop admiring me and look at surpassing your limits to embrace new thoughts and highest ideals, which you cannot take from your genetics, but which you first of all have to bring down from the spirit to the earth.”

Götz Werner is literally fighting for people to find a spirituality that is not banal, but a proper spirituality. He also gives life-force to those who engage in spirituality.

Judith von Halle’s prophecies about coronavirus

The anthroposophical architect Judith von Halle wrote in her book “The Coronavirus Pandemic” that vaccination is necessary for all people, particularly because people are not yet sufficiently advanced in their development to be able to live the consciousness soul.

These statements are quite simply wrong and no justification should be needed to recognise them as wrong.

One problem is actually those people who have died as a result of vaccination. I carried out an elucidation in about ten cases in which people suddenly departed from life and no clear reasons for this were apparent in their preceding biography. Only when vaccination was taken into account as a not insignificant cause of death were these souls, in their afterlife, able to reattain a clearer perception and order. When people die and the cause of death is incorrectly or inadequately stated, and this is often the case in relation to vaccination, this can create many divisions in families. The prevention of the real number of deaths caused by vaccination causes grotesque disharmony among the bereaved. The dead want to be seen by those they have left behind, with a correct assessment of the cause of their death.

The soul of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Pope Benedict XVI in June 2006
Photo: Flikr, Creative Commons (detail)

On 31st December, on the last day of the year just passed, the former Archbishop of Munich, appointed in the papal consecration as Pope Benedict XVI, died. Perhaps he was a special figure in the Vatican, as he played a major role in leading the church. In 2013, Pope Benedict renounced his office as Pope and withdrew from the Vatican. This renunciation and withdrawal was probably necessary both for internal reasons and also because of the many scandals and incidents of abuse of the church. Now, in the afterlife, this withdrawal of the Pope appears as one of the really big mistakes with serious consequences. Only a few days after entering into the spiritual worlds, Joseph Ratzinger’s soul already experiences a peculiar reality, a form, so to speak, of non-reality, like a Saturn that has become like a phantom or like an immobile planet, a planet that shows neither life nor movement, that fixes itself in its own strange-seeming colour that is slightly dazzling yet does not shine. The former Pope’s soul would love to transition into reality and find connections with the world, but it cannot make itself noticed. It has no tools, it is trapped in the soul pain of inaction and of looking on. It is like a state in which people cannot participate in the events of those around them because they have become separated and immobile. This pain is great and causes a high degree of tension. If Joseph Ratzinger had put the events of his tenure in order, he would have had to bear earthly consequences and then he would never have passed over into the fateful state of complete Saturnian immobility in the afterlife. He is completely distanced from the world and out of this distance he experiences the pain. At the same time, he feels that a church, which in any case cannot deliver any great, furthering tenets of faith in its ecclesiology, cannot be saved by steering events politically and continuing to seek extreme forms of collaboration with the state. Nevertheless, an avoidance of the consequences creates an extremely high tension and the Church must be prepared for a difficult year ahead. The death that happened on 31st December is not insignificant.

The media report and glorify Pope Benedict XVI, but what reality do they praise so highly? When a person is worshipped after death, yet is subject to a very different reality in the hereafter, an illusion without foundation is created for all those left behind in the world. In any case, false reverence hollows out the inner core of the human soul.

Even while Cardinal Ratzinger was still in Munich, I had to endure a number of acts of persecution from him. When someone persecutes another on a religious level, he gives them the opportunity for greater freedom and for more intense spiritual knowledge. This was already the case during his lifetime. Ratzinger’s personality works for all those who were marginalised by him and he gave them a better inner basis of feeling for a growing spiritual knowledge. Public lectures were cancelled due to his interventions and this certainly did not make life on earth any easier. But what happens when the person crosses over into the hereafter and has no possibility there of setting in place decrees and measures? In fact the hostilities are discovered to be friendship. It very often happens that in earthly life someone is hostile, but when the soul has departed, it can be seen that an advancement has been supported. Ratzinger is therefore very close in particular to the people he has excluded. They are the only people he is close to.

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