Sirsasana – Headstand with variations

This compilation of various variations of the headstand is intended to give an impression of the yoga practice envisioned here. In the classical yoga position, the headstand, the body can be formed with different points of emphasis. So, for example, the body can be positioned more on the crown of the head or closer to the forehead. In this series of sirsasana the spine becomes very dynamic with emphasis on the thoracic region, as the central point of placement has been chosen as the forehead. The curvatures of the spine become experienced more strongly through these forehead variations than in the classical practice, which starts more from the crown. Please click on each of the themes below to view the corresponding sequences of yoga asanas.
Barbara Holzer

The headstand – sirsasana
Formation and experience of expansiveness
Expansiveness and sideways extension
Centring and opening sideways
Transferring to the crow – acrobatic change of form

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