Outlook for 2023 – Part 5

By Heinz Grill

Published in German on 2nd January 2023

Strong polarities within the human mind and emotions lead to economic deterioration and collapse

The external analyses of the economic system, as carried out by good experts such as Dirk Müller or Ernst Wolff, can give relatively clear ideas about the unfortunate situation in which the present time stands. It is always beneficial when scientific or systemic analyses come together with a spiritual perspective. But what does a spiritual perspective look like?

Living and practice rooms are planned in the two new wooden houses of the Sun Oasis.

First, an unbelievable hubris, which has grown over the decades, is evident in the general economy. The healthy balance of values shifted towards maximisation, based on results, maximum growth and supernormal mechanisation. According to the best understanding, however, economic activity should first and foremost promote the quality of life of every human being, not only in the West but throughout the world. A sense of value cannot be separated from the economy.

The antithesis that seems to exist to economic activity would be all mystical life with its different spiritual approaches and techniques for self-absorption and self-contemplation. Typical mystics, in the orientation of their soul, tend to turn more away from life, while the economist turns towards life with all kinds of analyses, research activities and perceptions.

A look at the laws of reincarnation and life after death from a spiritual perspective shows a great interrelationship which, like a swinging pendulum, interlinks the two planes, that of the conscious inner view and that of the consciously chosen outer view. The relationship actually is as with a swinging pendulum. In particular, a wrong kind of self-absorption can lead to hubris in economic activity, and vice versa, the hard outer life with all its demands for achievement and nervous overload leads the human consciousness to escape within. In any case, false spirituality does not connect the two worlds, but in great pendulum swings raises materialism to the point of hubris. It is even in false spirituality that the seeds of economic collapse are sown.

The interior of the new houses is also progressing.

An extract from a text by Kurt Tepperwein can give a small example of the kind of inner vision that creates a pure escape from the world and in every way a new illusion. Basically, it is always a risk to interpret another interpreter of spiritual life or even to criticise him. It begs the accusation that one would overrate oneself and devalue others and it often gives the appearance of intolerance. But does someone who has knowledge of the spiritual worlds not share responsibility for what others do? Is a factual dialogue not obligatory for all people today? A dialogue that does not discuss people, but the way in which spirituality is understood, the differences, the consequences, the effects that come from one concept or another. In the knowledge that this statement in particular will bring in a lot of criticism and that I will be called intolerant, I nevertheless feel obliged to describe my perception.

Kurt Tepperwein says, for example, the following on the subject of “How to get from thinking to perception”:

“Become aware of the price you are paying while you are still thinking. For as long as you are still thinking, you are in the mind and thus in I-identification. You cannot go online and be guided by universal wisdom. As long as you are still thinking, the line for receiving perception is busy and you must make decisions from the limited and limiting mind, with all sorts of errors. As long as you are still thinking, the mind creates an I-life with the ego. Then you are not really living your life.” 1) Extract from a YouTube video in German “How to come from thinking to perception” – Kurt Tepperwein

The conscious turning away from life happens through the elimination of thinking. It leads to a view within, which confuses the unconsciously existing attachments with the self. There does not appear to be a substantial concept of self in the sense of a real content of thought and spirit, of a state of actual existence in the spiritual world, in the way that the great philosophers still felt it. If thinking is eliminated, the thought as a being-existence is also eliminated. Kurt Tepperwein comes to the conclusion that we only have to remember the inner divine self and then we can reach self-realisation. Although great teachers like Aurobindo and Sivananda taught stillness in the thinking, the context appears quite different because these masters knew very well how to distinguish between thinking processes and the existence of being, which, for example, lies in the thought, and which Plato and also many other philosophers described as the actual reality.

Spiritual questions are being researched and worked on in various places at the Sun Oasis.

If someone follows this kind of self-surrender, to describe it in that way, as taught by Kurt Tepperwein, then over time human development reduces to an inner life that seems divine, but in fact, to be accurate, pushes up again into the consciousness with a deep, stored and hidden emotional existence, in other words a purely bound karmic component. It is not a spirited self that is empowered, but a stored up, hidden desire and dream consciousness that emerges as a supposed self. With these, and many meditation and contemplation approaches that have become almost modern today, a perfect tendency to withdraw from participation in the world arises. All in all, these forms of self-surrender and the tendency to retreat into the unknown inner life have a significant impact on the entire world situation. The cosmic balance is also disturbed because the forces that are used for strong mysticism are withdrawn from world creation. In the entire energy behaviour of the world and in the stillness of the soul, the pendulum shows a great swing towards the materialistic world. The wrong turning away from the world and the illusion of enlightenment are the biggest contributors to economic collapse. As a result of the fact that many people escape into groups with pseudo-spiritual approaches, there are big pendulum swings that produce more and more real economic collapse. Artificial intelligence is a further consequence of a lack of independent and integrative work of consciousness. Those who learn a profession today, like that of a surgeon, have to sacrifice an astonishing amount to develop their skill. Even if they drive smart cars, they will never be able to become materialists as strongly as those who reduce their thinking and supposedly discover a self in their own inner life.

Kurt Tepperwein’s words could be formulated somewhat differently, so as to at least bring them into the integrity of existence. They would have to be formulated more or less as follows:

The thought is an existence of being. This thought in its pure and beautiful form cannot easily be recognized by individuals because their thinking is influenced by feelings and impulses. For this reason, first of all their mental ideas must be developed in an orderly and logical way, so that they are no longer subject to emotions and impulses. Ultimately, these mental ideas should no longer be eliminated, but rather explored for their core content, for the real thought content. By carrying out this activity to an increasing extent, individuals recognise the thought as an actual existence of being, and they recognise the resulting development that is constantly forming anew. The inner life, however, which is stored in the organs and into which mystics would like so much to immerse themselves, must resolutely recede, for as the Bhagavad Gita says, this life conceals great danger, mahabhaya.2) The term mahabhaya is referred to in the Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, verse 40.

By developing the thought more and more in its existence of being, human beings gain through this thought a position that acts as mediator between world and spirit. They will find a new relationship to money.

The economic activity of the future

During the artists’ days, economic activity was also discussed.

Economic activity for the future will only develop very slowly. First of all, a real sense of values is necessary. For this, individuals need concrete thinking, and based on this concrete thinking they must develop an adequate feeling. Ultimately, dealing with goods in mutual exchange, be it with money or through bartering, requires a solid evaluation of one’s own product as well as of the partner who is receiving this product. A concrete and solid form of thinking plays a seminal role in economic activity.

Furthermore, however, there are values that are no longer measured directly against a product. These can be seen, for example, in the ability of individuals who transport a spiritual gift along with the product. In art, for example, we can see not only the purely external painting, but in the expression an idea condenses into a living form and is given over to the world as a value that cannot easily be paid for. Ideal values can and even must also be a part of human existence in the future. They cannot be bought with money. Rather, they require from those, who accept gifts of a non-material nature, a responsibility.

The coming year will bring big surprises in economic activity. Germany is heading for a fatal economic collapse, with Germany’s pivotal role having an extreme influence on other countries. As an indirect result, collapse is very likely in other countries. Italy will organise itself more easily than Germany, above all through reciprocal self-help. But the economy in Italy is coming to an end.

A future vision for a real economic activity must be accompanied by a completely new, highly socially capable idea.

Money rules the world.
Nevermore must be that situation.

The thought creates fraternity.
Through its light money finds integration.


1 Extract from a YouTube video in German “How to come from thinking to perception” – Kurt Tepperwein
2 The term mahabhaya is referred to in the Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, verse 40.

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