The yoga exercise as an artistic form of movement

Yoga Arte Videokanal

The various yoga exercises are known for their health-promoting effects. In addition they offer practical opportunities for developing one’s personality and social skills. But the yoga positions are particularly fascinating to us when they are practised as a way of artistic expression. This is true in particular for the advanced asana, which demand a high degree of flexibility, co-ordination, and the will to shape the poses artistically. But it is also true for the simple forms of movement, when they are carried out with a sense for form and aesthetics. When one’s awareness is formed appropriately, yoga exercises can become a real art of movement.

In this context I would like to make you aware of the new YouTube channel „Yoge Arte“. There you will find short video sequences of Heinz Grill performing the classical yoga asana. The artistic element, with the aspect of “giving shape”, is paramount in all the videos. In some of them there are also suggestions for adjustments, which likewise emphasise the artistic aspect.

If you are interested I would be delighted if you would subscribe to the channel. You are also welcome to use the comments section below for any questions, requests or suggestions.

Sigrid Königseder

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