The Sun Oasis and plans for 2023

Article by Heinz Grill

Originally posted in German on 28th January 2023

The new wooden house with its ecological construction offers suitable space for an enhanced living culture.

For 2023, through wide-ranging considerations and collaboratively coordinated processes, it was possible to make the decision that stricter guidance with certain basic rules, obligations and necessary efforts should definitely follow. All participants present considered the idea of a more resolute focus towards a very clearly comprehensible and well-formulated spirituality to be very important and decided not only for good theoretical explanations, but also for a lot of training so that this can be put into practice.

Experience has shown that in hospitals there are endless competitions between people, doctors, administrative staff and nurses. Conflicts are an everyday event. However, if the patient’s case is difficult and they have to be operated on, everyone works together cohesively and puts aside their personal quarrels.

In the Sun Oasis, there has rarely been a dispute during the study sessions. However, there has been constant bickering outside of them. In decisive moments in the Sun Oasis, however, very good thoughts and subtle feelings were able to come to manifestation, and by working and researching together, reflecting on the topic, development of presentations, rhythmic sequences of exercises, reciprocal corrections and forms of building-up the so-called etheric forces, strengths could always be brought in well without any conflict. Individuals have noticed that on their own, they can never create anything close to the quantity and quality of the standard that can be generated in joint work.

The rooms are wide and flooded with light. However, the interior is still provisional.

The calculation that five people not only achieve five times as much but, as Rudolf Steiner once mentioned in his remarks, they can produce several times, sometimes even fifty to hundred times as much, has been proven in the training courses. Every course, however, requires care and disciplining, and it was necessary on my part to steer the topics, to repeatedly correct the way they were implemented and finally to make numerous suggestions as to how the standard could be constantly improved. All of those who accepted my corrections made very large steps in development, while a few who did not accept the correction experienced significant setbacks. Unfortunately, spirituality is misunderstood today, because people reckon they live their own, so-called personal existence, and some came to the Sun Oasis with the idea that they could finally fully immerse themselves in their own inner life. The statement that is commonly heard, “live your own existence, now you can be completely your own self”, is unusable for the Sun Oasis, because the Sun Oasis is really about studying the spiritual worlds and a real comprehensible work with a variety of exercises. Individuals must overcome themselves, leave behind their subjectivism and all their spiritual misconceptions, in order to attain an accurate vision, perception and first experience of the supersensible worlds. Unfortunately, spirituality today is confused with relaxation. People flee everyday life because it is too performance-oriented and stressful for them and they believe that if they come to spirituality, they can now live all the emotions and needs that strengthens their ego in the sense of the sentence, “now you can finally be yourself “. No, in the Sun Oasis it is time to say goodbye to these egoisms and to stand up for a larger overarching idea, which is not only intended for the small area here in Lundo, but for an entire world peace and a future world culture. However, a proper study with the ability to enter into dialogue, diligence and empathetic engagement is a prerequisite for this.

The view from the balcony of the wooden house to the village of Lundo, which is beautifully integrated into the landscape, carries the eye into the distance.

In the Sun Oasis, during the past year, the studies were outstanding, while it was not possible to keep at bay all the conflicts and agonistic principles in human interaction that still correspond to the third seven-year period of life.1) The seven-year cycles are a concept that was introduced by Rudolf Steiner. They refer to the approximate seven-year rhythmic cycles of development. The third cycle is the period after puberty, around the age of 14, to 21, a time of testing boundaries and expansion. This task of avoiding conflicts after the studies, or being able to opportunely transform the various attachments that give rise to conflicts, should become a goal in the entire forming of the community. Many people who have applied to work with me have asked me for the strictest corrections in this regard. Especially in the area of attachment, which in the end always leads to conflicts and divisions, great care will be necessary in the future. The right way of working out how attachments should be dealt with and which liberating forms of consciousness work are built up, is still a question that will only lead to constructivity in the course of the year.

The study programme will take the central place with different thematic content oriented, for example, more towards spiritual seeing or towards general training with various exercises, towards philosophical topics or with an artistic focus. Medicine and health, as well as, the work with economics will play an important role. Design and nutrition are continuously offered in addition to the courses.

As a result of the fact that participation in the study only makes sense by first of all getting to know and practising the soul exercises, meditation content and most of all the body exercises, there will always be the opportunity, alongside the studies, to prepare for the way the thoughts are formed, the subtle feelings are developed and the will is given a foundation. The orientation towards spiritual goals does not require any denomination or specific confession. Because of the well-known phenomenon that many spiritual concepts become the rapidly formed emotional basis of the personality, it is important to gain clarity in conversation and in comparative considerations in order to release oneself from false forms and to replace them with better and more contentful ones.

Participation and the desire for spiritual studies or training as a yoga teacher, in the future should always be accompanied by a personal conversation. To inquire about this, please send an e-mail to my or related addresses.


1 The seven-year cycles are a concept that was introduced by Rudolf Steiner. They refer to the approximate seven-year rhythmic cycles of development. The third cycle is the period after puberty, around the age of 14, to 21, a time of testing boundaries and expansion.

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