How can harm from vaccination be prevented through spirituality?

Spirituality should become common knowledge today

Originally posted in German on 21st January 2021

People can believe in higher realities of existence or they can deny them because they are materially intangible. Through spiritual training, intensive exploration of the most varied conditions of human existence, through meditation and deepening of concretely understood phenomena, the individual can gain a real soul sensation of the existence of a life of the soul after death. The soul in a greater context, in a real existence of being, only becomes clear when it is explored and perceived as such. A person who logically forms thoughts about the soul and spiritual planes independent of a confession of faith, can develop the world, which in religions is normally described with the word faith, into a real and tangible knowledge. In the West Rudolf Steiner created with anthroposophy, a precise and extensive training path in order to move from faith to tangible knowledge of soul and spiritual worlds.1)Rudolf Steiner: Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. How it is achieved? Rudolf Steiner Press CW10

Today the time is long overdue in which people’s beliefs are no longer steered by a church system, outer authorities or guru led cults but that all individuals are called upon to really explore and to attain with spirituality a mature self-determination. With regard to the corona vaccination, in present day culture there is often a large conflict of conscience with health, social, ethical and ultimately spiritual questions.

Authorities, departments of health, medical associations, doctors and, to a certain extent, even individual citizens are responsible for the vaccination. If a general mandatory vaccination against corona were to become a reality – although this is currently being denied by the politicians – a big ethical question of fault could arise in the event that many side effects and serious health implications like autism, nervous disorders, autoimmune reactions were to mark the future to come. Then who would be to blame? Can the blame be attributed to politics, health authorities or doctors?

With a well-founded spiritual observation this question of fault cannot be resolved in the normal way established in court proceedings or according to purely material criteria. Such an observation takes into account the further existence of the soul after the physical passing. 2)cf. Heinz Grill: The Path of the Soul through the Seven Cosmic Planes In: Caring for the Souls of the Dead, Lammers-Koll-Verlag, 2005. What is the state of responsibility like when people who are no longer among us, when their souls have passed the gate of physical death? How do the souls, at a completely body free level, experience the conditions of their relationships to people who are left behind? How do they experience themselves in their responsibility? These questions, that require a metaphysical consideration developed through spiritual training, ought to be of greatest significance for developing an ethical conscience regarding fault in the case of mandatory vaccination.

It is astonishing when one identifies a soul in the after worlds and tries to comprehend as well as possible the moods and feelings that it now experiences in a body free manner. At any rate all those who dedicate themselves to the picture, that a soul lives on after death, that it does not continue to live in the body but moves into the field of a free cosmic sphere of its existence, realise that they cannot call on earthly standards. Earthly laws apply to the material world, like for example road traffic legislation. In the soul world after death these laws do not exist and therefore the soul cannot refer the responsibility to a third party. It cannot absolve itself with the excuse that it received a directive or an imposed mandatory vaccine from a third party. In the free existence of their soul after death individuals must take responsibility for the deeds they rendered in earthly life, whether or not they have been mandated or undertaken autonomously. Every act leads to effects and these effects will now become the soul’s own home. In the after-life the state of responsibility therefore concerns the whole person and the sum of the deeds they have performed.

Neither passive approval nor confrontational refusal of the corona vaccine lead to real state of responsibility.

Through a lively and logical grappling with the deepest questions relating to the conscience of humanity, individuals will actually be challenged to a greater self-determination. Through individual research within the many contradictions of existence, conscience wants to attain a maturity. If one thinks about what the word spirit generally means, it is on the one hand related to conscience and on the other it is inevitably connected to the question of development. It can even be said that people must always remain in development because when they are no longer progressing and unfolding their potential actively enough they give up their spiritual citizenship. The simplest answer to the question of what the spirit is can therefore be to say it is the visible inner requirement in every person for development.

The responsibility for vaccination with its consequences and side-effects presents itself on a large scale for doctors as well as for patients. It should be a question of conscience and moreover ought also to take into account a consideration of the soul-spiritual background of human existence. The present situation, in which the vaccine has been produced in a very short amount of time and in which no adequate studies of the consequences, especially the long term consequences, and also the viability of the newly developed m-RNA serum have been able to take place, can open up a great devastation initially on a physical level. But what is happening in the human soul, which developmental step does it seek specifically with the conflict situation of the vaccine? It cannot be ruled out that severe health impairments to the physical body and in an indirect way incalculable repercussions on people’s psyche emerge. But don’t these consequences also arise precisely because the meaning of health and illness, which are always related to the overall development of soul and spirit, has become lost to people?

Many people are hoping that the vaccine will soon provide immunity, and release from the restrictions of lockdown. Others, in turn, fight resolutely against the mandatory measures and the increasingly coercive regulations of the time. With some consideration it becomes clear: people lack the orientation for their real development, that means they lack the spiritual vision, which could give an economic, political and social picture of the future for the years to come.

How, through spiritual enquiry, that is neither bound to a confession nor based on a preconceived dogma, can a really well-founded and sustaining development be conceived and thus damage to health be prevented? In order to answer this question with sufficient depth, a grappling with the disease picture of covid-19 must take place in connection with the question of development of the present time. What does the corona disease represent, what is its meaning, its real cause? Is not every epidemic or every manifestation of a disease inextricably linked to the culture and time? Can a disease really only be adequately explained by its physical appearance alone? No, it wants to tell people something, to bring something to light, it wants to invoke a consciousness, perhaps a novel consciousness.

The corona disease is an expression for humanity’s loss of integrity.

The different opinions, like for example that the corona illness is a harmless and normal flu infection, in contrast to the postulated positions of the media and authorities who’s headlines speak of the most awful developments and high numbers of deaths, is of minor importance for the spiritual evaluation of the whole situation. It is only significant that according to all available studies there is a coronavirus and, moreover, that precisely this clinical picture is leading the whole world to lockdowns and to a growing crisis situation. Overall what appears is nothing other and nothing clearer than that humanity is really in an emergency situation. What need, however, really exists in the deepest core of human existence?

Over the course of the last few years and decades people have increasingly lost their healthy emotional and cognitive integrity. The meaning of the word integrity as an ethical and moral requirement denotes a greatest possible attunement of one’s own ideals and personally attained values with the outwardly directed and visible life practices. In other words, this same word can be seen in terms of a clear correspondence between the soul spiritual potential of a person with their body and with how they express themselves in their social, economic and religious life. Do individuals actually still act with a sense of deeply founded trust in accordance with the best ideals and values and not allow themselves to be seduced by the corruption of the time, do they act authentically according to truth and social love, instead of seeking advantage and outer recognition? Certainly this question can often be answered with no because the solid balance between the soul and body or between the personality and the outer world is as if broken for many people. The loss of integrity therefore not only signifies a near incurable fracture between ideals and actual life circumstances but it reveals an awkward relationship between the life of the soul and an individual’s own body, and consequently fears and despair can determine life all the more.

Within this loss of integrity a virulent syndrome like corona can readily arise, in other words, a real hysteria and media-fuelled epidemic can enter the scene because an endless number of people are no longer able to uphold an uprightness in their consciousness and have lost a natural feeling for right and wrong, for what is progressive and restrictive, for sympathy and antipathy, for value and vice. Whether the clinical picture is actually that serious, or whether the scene of fear, connected with unconsidered political scenes and medical-therapeutic overreaction shapes the situation, is as said not so important for the further spiritual consideration, because the fact that a considerable crisis prevails and that people do not know how they should handle it seems to be the most essential thing that the times are revealing. In any case, the development of a self-active consciousness as the most urgent requirement for restoring integrity can provide the key to an answer.

A self-active consciousness forms the key to restoring integrity.

The disease corona as a viral infection, according to a well-founded spiritual evaluation, is an expression for the fact that suggestion predominates while a well-founded logical thought activity is insufficient. Suggestion, as a means of influencing the psyche, stands in polar opposition to people’s independent and maturely developed thinking-processes. Imagine that doctors did not only treat their patients with quick, symptom related medication but observed them in their psyche and physicality precisely, their gestures, forms of expression and behaviour and from these observations arrived at an holistic awareness of the possibilities that could support their health. These doctors would not only learn about health but also would study the circumstances which, through unfortunate behaviour or foreign influences, allow the toxic conditions to arise. With this explorative consciousness work, they would not only facilitate the patients integrity but also their own.

In this materialistic time, into which all the living conditions are now bound, hard work is largely lacking and thus people lack today the necessary requirements of the consciousness or, in other words, people lack the opportunities for the practical development of their potential. Instead of healthy thought processes, which then give a natural basis for soul sensations, people have to overload themselves with an endless amount of information, and in the fast pace of our time are unable to deepen this. They can no longer process the many intellectual and suggestive influences. The milieu of modern human existence is like bad water that lacks life, like in a pond where fish become ill. The fish, however, would not become ill if they were able to swim in clean water. A similar phenomenon is viral infections, or thinking analogously, the inundation of suggestion and the resulting anxiety disorders, which should not be underestimated in their overall impact. The corona epidemic, both with its overall excessive alarm, as well as in the actual clinical picture itself, can only therefore arise because the forces of consciousness of human beings are weakened.

People are exposed to more extensive suggestion and foreign influences from politics and the collective media monopolies, and no longer know – and this is the essential thing, that they actually no longer know – how they can re-establish their inner core or their healthy body-soul-relationship or their integrity. Their soul faces the body as if estranged and the possibility of development of the spirit seems as if beyond this reality.

Passivity and unconscious acceptance of the vaccine will undoubtedly lead to harm.

It is very easy to see that vaccination is an earthly matter and is usually thought of purely for physical necessity. In the world after death, the spiritual world, people are certainly not judged according to whether they have taken the vaccine or not. Nevertheless what seems to be very important for people’s soul and spiritual health is the position they take towards the vaccine measures, particularly the requirement of compulsory vaccination. The relationships people choose in earthly life remain unchanged in the reality of the afterlife. Should people rebel and make every effort to oppose a vaccination dictatorship or should they accept it in passive hope?

In order to prevent harm from vaccination the individual who subscribes to the measures, as already mentioned, must actually sufficiently engage with the clinical picture of the disease. It is a great problem that the media generates fear, and not out of real conviction but merely out of fear of something incalculably terrible people agree to being vaccinated. To a certain extent they take, with the vaccine in this passive form, the present time phenomenon of fear more deeply into themselves and it seems particularly questionable as to whether on this purely material basis a sufficient immunity and a real protection can occur.

The development of an independent dynamic consciousness can prevent harm from vaccination

Just as one can say today with relative certainty that good forms of movement in sport, eurythmy, gymnastics, yoga and in active work can protect the spine from degeneration, so to the same extent one ought to reach the recognition that a good activation of logical consciousness activity strengthens the nervous system, creates new synapses, and indirectly yet solidly gives people a better immunity. But it is now important not to confuse intellectualism with real, active consciousness work. It is not a quick, erratic thinking that is required but a real relationship and in depth work of building thoughts about the phenomena of the times. The great philosophers like Hegel or Fichte or the poets Schiller and Goethe had these skills in an exemplary fashion. To a certain extent it is precisely German citizens who want to build on this legacy and develop a good explorative thinking-activity that leads to independence of their person and an aesthetic strengthening of culture. Thinking in this sense would bring about a maturity and a beautiful intactness of the personal realm.

By clearly envisioning that a vaccination is a purely physical measure, and therefore encountering it need not arouse anxieties, individuals would directly be able to develop a protection against repercussions and harm. The many fears that accompany a vaccination, or also just dutiful submission in the hope that all will turn out well, are more likely to cause complications. With the vaccine, the body becomes shifted into a particular state, nevertheless individuals can envision that they want to stay free in their consciousness from all of these reactions. It would be a spiritual gain if individuals were to confront a conscious injury to their body, from which they cannot escape, and envision how those that mandate the enforcement regrettably demean themselves. It ought not to be those who are vaccinated that put their health on the line, rather those who carry out an act under authoritative coercion that weaken themselves and lose their upright strength of consciousness.

However, merely discerning between a physical measure and a free soul and spiritual perception of the situation, is not enough to really assure that direct consequences or long-term consequences do not arise. The individual has to acquire still further stages of consciousness about the future development of their soul and spirit.

Independent from whether the individual is an opponent or supporter of vaccination, the question of restoring a healthy and necessary integrity arises once again. This is a question of development. How is a solid and ordered balance between soul and body formed and how can individuals live the ideals, which they consider to be valuable for this life, without self-denial or self-humiliation? This question may certainly be answered in many varied ways. In any case, the ideals that the individual wants to realise must first be thought. They must, to a certain extent, move from the possible world of ideas to a real mental picture. Instead of crudely saving the economic situation in a company, real thoughts about development ought to blossom, thoughts about how an ideal collaboration for the best possible company and teamwork can look. It is not the negative that one should follow, like an individual in a military convoy following the commander, who leads the squad to their undoing. One ought to break free into an independent activity of thinking, and think of the best conditions for human culture and for interaction with one another. This capacity of mental picturing would be the creativity that, as George Bernard Shaw said, lies at the beginning of all becoming and it would give people the core of their soul. It would be the centre, the strength, the immunity and would bring about a growing integrity.

The times and culture today need this kind of lively consciousness activity, which is not influenced by emotions or associations, but which develops out of the lively, contentful relationship to an interesting theme. One might be of the opinion that the activity of thinking could be very cold, sober and intellectual. But when aspirants, who dedicate themselves to a lively, creative schooling of thought, first build a sufficient and profound mental picture of the object that they want to understand or explore, they enter into relationship and experience themselves in the mirror of the object. This kind of ability to think could also be described as a form of concentration that strives to let go of subjective tendencies, and objectively and meaningfully opens the topic, object or aim to be explored and considered. With these endeavours to create vivid mental pictures, light moments, which have a thoroughly liberating effect on the physicality, would ignite.3)This ability of creating a mental picture could be assigned to the fifth chakra. See The Soul Dimension of Yoga by Heinz Grill They strengthen the immune system in particular and lift people out of all kinds of melancholy, brooding and subjectivity.

Rudolf Steiner said that the smallpox vaccination should be easy to overcome without any strain if one were only to practice living Anthroposophy. But what is living Anthroposophy?4)Rudolf Steiner Physiology and Healing: Treatment, Therapy and Hygiene CW 314. Lecture 16 He termed the smallpox epidemic as an expression caused by “lovelessness” that had become too far advanced in humankind. What do people lack today? Are they not in such a form of lovelessness or even more in a powerlessness, they are no longer able to fulfil their wish and desire for love at all? In phases of exhaustion and stagnation, in times of despair and lack of perspective it is difficult for most people to actively love others and to accomplish good actions. First of all, elementary steps have to be taken.

Consciousness-building activity, with relationship and interest in a topic, forms a first starting point for overcoming many a state of exhaustion. People today do not need rest but a meaningful, spiritual and stimulating dynamic and for this to be built up rhythmically and steadily. Independent thinking about an object, a phenomenon, an idea, which is ultimately further formed into an ideal, leads to self-determination and the ability to judge and although it appears laborious at the beginning, it soon brings about an influx of new life-energies.5)Thinking is by no means what the globalist Klaus Schwab understands as thoughts in his vision of the future, it is even the opposite of thinking that is represented by him. In his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, he describes a so-called fourth industrial revolution that “would lead to a merging of our physical, digital and biological identity”, a merging of man and machine, known as transhumanism. Klaus Schwab wants implantable microchips that can read people’s thoughts and with the help of which people should think much faster and more effectively. Implanted devices “are also likely to help communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a built-in smartphone, and possibly unspoken thoughts or moods through reading brain waves and other signals.” It is amazing how the development of the individual can radiate into the environment.

If one starts from the assumption that people carry within themselves a longing for development, and this development however is also trembling and hoping in a higher sense in the spiritual world like an expectation, one inevitably learns the requirements for this independent and mature consciousness activity. When the state system cannot give people any dignity and the official religions are no longer able to answer the questions of the meaning of life, the individual citizen must enter into the courageous independence of the thinking force of form, and develop their dignity through a solid activity of consciousness and become acquainted with the beauty of grappling with soul-spiritual content. The strengthening at any rate does not lie in outer solutions or political revolutions, but it lies in the capabilities of the individual citizens themselves, who actually connect with the spirit in the sense of dynamic consciousness activities or, in other words, with the development-requirements of the time. Only starting from the individual person, therefore, does the state become the state. This form of development waits like an as yet unperceived star in the cosmos.


1 Rudolf Steiner: Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. How it is achieved? Rudolf Steiner Press CW10
2 cf. Heinz Grill: The Path of the Soul through the Seven Cosmic Planes In: Caring for the Souls of the Dead, Lammers-Koll-Verlag, 2005.
3 This ability of creating a mental picture could be assigned to the fifth chakra. See The Soul Dimension of Yoga by Heinz Grill
4 Rudolf Steiner Physiology and Healing: Treatment, Therapy and Hygiene CW 314. Lecture 16
5 Thinking is by no means what the globalist Klaus Schwab understands as thoughts in his vision of the future, it is even the opposite of thinking that is represented by him. In his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, he describes a so-called fourth industrial revolution that “would lead to a merging of our physical, digital and biological identity”, a merging of man and machine, known as transhumanism. Klaus Schwab wants implantable microchips that can read people’s thoughts and with the help of which people should think much faster and more effectively. Implanted devices “are also likely to help communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a built-in smartphone, and possibly unspoken thoughts or moods through reading brain waves and other signals.”

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