The art of spiritual healing and its practical application in life – part 1

Originally posted in German on 30th May 2023

This is the first part of a cycle of compositions by Heinz Grill

The right activity from the consciousness

This wall painting portrays the warm ether in a picture of the scales. It balances between the polarities of above and below, left and right. The earth’s gravity on the left and excessive centrifugal forces to the right.

A four-day seminar was held in Naone over the time of Ascension Day, with the theme, how healers, all educators and aspiring people can have a healing effect on themselves and others. The days began with bad weather and so some came with feelings of exhaustion and despondency. On Sunday the thick clouds lifted and from then on, a pleasant blue sphere with sunshine accompanied the intensive discussion. The participants were pleased about what was successfully built-up, with a growing life force and perspective for the future.

At the centre of a spiritual approach to healing is Christ or, to express it with other words, the emerging spiritual self. However, the question of how to lead this spiritual potential from its dormant form into a concrete and consciously shaped reality, occupied the participants. Many people have particular ideals of different ways of healing and there are an endless number of different esoteric branches dealing with spiritual healing, with angels and with the transmission of subtle energies. Which forms are generally compatible with a spiritual healing, and which techniques, ways of thinking, ways of approaching esoteric and meditative endeavours, can create illusions? This question, although it was not the focus of the days, could be clarified to a great extent, because the work in general brought all the participants to a mental and spiritual activity, with comparisons that built up differentiation, so that nearly all could set free a greater force than they carried with them in their ordinary existence.

Bees reveal a great role for the art of healing through the capacity of warmth they hold.

On the first day there was a discussion on the concept of the so-called fire or warmth ether. This term, that was originally coined by anthroposophy, portrays a kind of subtle life force potential, that not by pure chance is sometimes more and sometimes less available. In order that an etheric force, which is very fine and almost imperceptible, can be developed by individuals and made available to have a healing effect, the human forces of consciousness must be very carefully trained and be used according to criteria that follow a logical lawfulness. A healing or a bettering of the human psychic and physical condition occurs only when an activity accomplished is accessible to consciousness. “How does the individual create a form of life force, which can be directly named as a kind of subtle generation of warmth?” was the question that every individual actively engaged with.

A healing that can be firmly maintained happens least of all through a passive participation, but rather through a very active, thematic and consciously orientated turning to thought content, that may appear foreign at first, foreign because it has less of a materialistic consume character but is meant to inspire the whole soul. A certain limit, from a personal to the next possible freer and universally valid level of consciousness had to be crossed by everyone together.

A few participants, who only wanted a quick form of esoteric consumption, dropped out at the beginning of the seminar. The activities could progress cooperatively with mutual observations and most of the participants succeeded in generating the so-called warmth ether forces as initial universal forces of self.

When the phrase is expressed, that Christ or the higher Self is the valid centre of healing, it is at first a mere statement that cannot usually be properly understood. Those practising need a step-by-step approach so that they develop a first feeling that this statement is true. In slowly increasing phases of activity, various images and concentration processes could be built up. Those practising noticed the first healing results of a well guided and solidly developed, mental and more sensitively felt activity.

How is it possible for the so-called forces of Christ or the higher self to intervene?

This question will occupy us in several articles in the near future.

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