The Dancer – natarajasana

The theme of this challenging asana is concentrated balance while straightening up with a high expansion.

Nataraja, the dancer, represents the Indian God Shiva. Natarajasana is dedicated to Shiva and to the so-called crown centre – the sahasrara chakra. This seventh centre at the crown of the head is expressed in the high dynamic of straightening-up the body. In its final position the foot touches the exact point of the sahasrara chakra.

Natarajasana is a highly advanced yoga exercise requiring a careful build-up of the tension in the spine and at the same time very good balance. There are different styles for this yoga pose as well as for most others. This video focuses on the artistic expression which is created especially if one considers the ether forces and the principles according to which these ether forces work on the body.

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